The Coronavirus and Your Practice

Posted: 03/16/20 6:20 PM

Your Practice: Business Issues Resulting from the Coronavirus As the coronavirus (COVID-19) begins to affect communities in North America, AAO member practices may be impacted in various ways. Possibilities include temporary shutdowns, exposed employees and purchasing delays due to supply chain problems. To help you prepare, below are some facts relevant to these issues and recommended resources for more informati...

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AAO Seeks Candidates for up to Three at-Large Trustee Positions

Posted: 03/10/20 8:12 PM

In an effort to broaden demographic diversity on the AAO Board of Trustees through areas including age, gender, stage of practice, practice modality, race and ethnicity, a resolution to the Bylaws was brought forward to add up to three new at-large Trustee positions to the board. As the association confronts the challenges of our profession, a more diverse Board may offer different opinions and perspectives and may c...

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The NESO Experience

Posted: 12/16/19 7:25 PM

Dr. Shivam Mehta University of Connecticut, 2nd year resident In addition to attending the presentations at NESO, my experience at NESO culminated into monitoring multiple sessions, introducing the speakers and keeping the sessions on schedule. I felt great elation when the staff acknowledged me as their star volunteer, but in hindsight I feel there is much more to it than what meets the eye. The amount of hard wor...

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Direct to Consumer Aligner Update

Posted: 12/16/19 7:22 PM

L. Jeffrey Lowenstein, DMD AAOPAC, NESO Representative The battle to straighten teeth has moved from the aligner stores and online displays to the desks of legislators throughout the country. “Direct to Consumer” aligner companies received a colossal blow with news out of California when an extension of the state assembly’s teledentistry Bill No. 1519 was passed by Governor Gavin Newsom. This legislation is s...

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Technology & High-Touch Orthodontics

Posted: 12/16/19 7:21 PM

Technology’s role in the orthodontic workflow increases efficiency and effectiveness. While some people believe the implementation of new technology can be at the cost of the patient connection, Michigan-based orthodontist Christian Groth, DDS, MS, of TDR Orthodontics, disagrees. According to Dr. Groth, it all comes down to how the orthodontist uses technology. The TDR Orthodontics team places an importance on und...

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This Year’s Best Stocking Stuffers

Posted: 12/16/19 7:19 PM

Dr. John CallahanTrustee  My guess is we all have something special that we look forward to over the holidays. My special something is seeing what “Santa” has left in my stocking that was hung from the chimney with care. There are always a few “expected” items like a candy-cane sticking out of the top and a wind-up little toy that does some fantastic trick. And then there are the little things that I...

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Letter from the President

Posted: 12/16/19 7:17 PM

Dr. Jeffrey BlasiusNESO President Fellow NESO Colleagues, First of all, I want to wish everyone a very happy holiday season in 2019!  I hope 2020 brings all of our members the best of health, happiness, and prosperity.  With the close of what was an exciting NESO annual session in Boston, I was inducted as President of our organization, and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce mysel...

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Neso Emerging Leader Summit: Leadership with some Disney Magic

Posted: 12/16/19 7:16 PM

Dr. Samantha TagermanNESO Communications CommitteePractices in Chestnut Hill, Walpole & Weston, MA This September, I was lucky enough to attend the 2019 NESO Emerging Leader Summit. While this program had been on hiatus for a few years, I feel very fortunate that with the hard work of NESO leadership, it was resurrected and provided me the opportunity to not only hone my leadership skills, but also meet and enga...

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An Update on AAO’s Consumer Awareness Program (CAP)

Posted: 10/28/19 4:29 PM

Dr. Lauren Vitkus NESO Representative to the COC As the Northeastern Society of Orthodontists’ (NESO) representative to the AAO’s Council on Communications (COC), I am pleased to share an update with you regarding the AAO’s Consumer Awareness Program (CAP). The CAP moved to its current, data-driven digital format in 2017 in an effort to target a variety of new audiences and reach consumers in the modern ...

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NESO2019 Travel Tips

Posted: 09/19/19 8:13 PM

Boston Weather Forecast Landing at Logan Airport Public transportation: MBTA buses depart every 8 minutes from Logan Airport Baggage Claim and it is only a 12-minute ride to the Seaport Hotel! MBTA buses are wheelchair accessible. Current fare is $2.90 with service beginning at 5:30 AM and ending at 1 AM. Water taxi: Catch the water shuttle from your terminal. It stops right across the street from the Seaport ...

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